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  • Franklin D. Roosevelt\"s narrative of national insecurity

    Chernus   Ira  

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  • T-duality of Green-Schwarz superstrings on AdS(d) x S d x M 10-2d

    Abbott, Michael C.   Murugan, Jeff   Penati, Silvia   Pittelli, Antonio   Sorokin, Dmitri   Sundin, Per   Tarrant, Justine   Wolf, Martin   Wulff, Linus  

    We verify the self-duality of Green-Schwarz supercoset sigma models on AdS(d) x S-d backgrounds (d =3D 2, 3, 5) under combined bosonic and fermionic T-dualities without gauge fixing kappa symmetry. We also prove this property for superstrings on AdS(d) x S-d x S-d (d =3D 2, 3) described by supercoset sigma models with the isometries governed by the exceptional Lie supergroups D(2, 1; alpha) (d =3D 2) and D(2, 1; alpha) x D(2, 1; alpha) (d =3D 3), which requires an additional T-dualisation along one of the spheres. Then, by taking into account the contribution of non-supercoset fermionic modes (up to the second order), we provide evidence for the T-self-duality of the complete type IIA and IIB Green-Schwarz superstring theory on AdS(d) x S-d x T10-2d (d =3D 2, 3) backgrounds with Ramond-Ramond fluxes. Finally, applying the Buscher-like rules to T-dualising supergravity fields, we prove the T-self-duality of the whole class of the AdS(d) x S-d x M10-2d superbackgrounds with Ramond-Ramond fluxes in the context of supergravity.
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  • Vitamin D: Australian dietitian\"s knowledge and practices

    Dix, Clare F.   Robinson, Alex   Bauer, Judith D.   Wright, Olivia R.L.  

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  • (B)over-bar(u)(,d,s)* -> D-u(,d,s)*V (V=3DD-d,D-s*(-),K*(-),rho(-)) weak decays

    Chang, Qin   Zhang, Yunyun   Li, Xiaonan  

    Motivated by the rapid development of heavy flavor physics experiments, we study the tree-dominated nonleptonic (B) over bar (u)(,d,s)* -> D-u(,d,s)*V (V=3DD*(-), D-s*(-), K*(-), rho(-)) decays within the factorization approach. The relevant transition form factors are calculated by employing the covariant light-front quark model. Helicity amplitudes are calculated and analyzed in detail, and a very clear hierarchical structure vertical bar H-0 vertical bar approximate to 2 vertical bar H-00 vertical bar > vertical bar H0-vertical bar approximate to vertical bar H vertical bar > vertical bar H0+vertical bar approximate to vertical bar H++vertical bar is presented. The branching fractions are computed and discussed. Numerically, the CKM-favored (B) over bar (q)* -> D-q*rho(-) and D-q*D-s*(-) decays have relatively large branching fractions, greater than or similar to O(10(-8)), and could be observed by LHC and Belle-II experiments in the future.
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  • B(s) Semileptonic Decays to D(s) and D(s)* in Bethe-Salpeter Method

    Zhang Jin-Mei   Wang Guo-Li  

    Using the relativistic Bethe-Salpeter method, the electron energy spectrum and the semileptonic decay widths of B(s)(0) --> D(s)(-)l(+)nu(l) and B(s)(0) --> D(s)*(-)l(+)nu(l) are calculated. We obtain a large branching fraction Br (B(s) --> D(s)e nu(e)) = (2.85 +/- 0.35)% and Br (B(s) --> D(s)*e nu(e)) = (7.09 +/- 0.88)%, which can be easily detected in future experiments.
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  • Provider: Ronald A. Chmiel, Jr., D. D. S., Audit #2011Z10-148D


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  • Dimensional Crossover in Anisotropic Percolation on Z(d+s)

    Sanchis, Remy   Silva, Roger W. C.  

    We consider bond percolation on Z(d) x Z(S) where edges of Z(d) are open with probability p < p(c)(Z(d)) and edges of Z(S) are open with probability q , independently of all others. We obtain bounds for the critical curve in (p, q), with p close to the critical threshold p(c)(Z(d)) . The results are related to the so-called dimensional crossover from Z(d) to Z(d+S) .
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  • O1.08: Hypovitaminosis D and Alzheimer\"s disease

    Castagna, A.   Gareri, P.   Lacava, R.   Cotroneo, A.M.   Fabbo, A.   Ruberto, C.   Bruni, A.C.  

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  • Lemons D. S.: A Student’s Guide to Dimensional Analysis

    Icha, Andrzej  

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  • Elterliche Entscheidungsbefugnis i. S. d. § 1628 BGB bei Schutzimpfung

    Jost, Fritz  

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  • Lemons D. S.: A Student’s Guide to Dimensional Analysis

    Icha Andrzej  

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  • Sunlight Incidence, Vitamin D Deficiency, and Alzheimer\"s Disease

    Camara, Alice Barros   de Souza, Iara Dantas   Dalmolin, Rodrigo Juliani Siqueira  

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  • Hadronic decays of the highly excited $$2D$$ 2 D $$D_s$$ D s resonances

    Ge, Jing   Ye, Dan-Dan   Zhang, Ailin  

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  • Factors affecting firm\"s R&D investment decisions

    Lai, Yung-Lung   Lin, Feng-Jyh   Lin, Yi-Hsin  

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  • Vitamin D: Get it while it\"s hot and even when it\"s not

    De Coster   Annabel  

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  • Junctionless Poly-Si Nanowire FET With Gated Raised S/D

    Chen, Lun-Chun   Yeh, Mu-Shih   Lin, Ko-Wei   Wu, Min-Hsin   Wu, Yung-Chun  

    The short-channel effect (SCE) is an important issue in CMOS technology. In this paper, a junctionless (JL) poly-Si nanowire FET (NW-FET) with gated raised source/drain (S/D) was demonstrated to suppress the SCE. The gated raised S/D structure enhances the control of the channel by the gate. Therefore, a JL poly-Si NW-FET with the gated raised S/D exhibits reduced drain-induced barrier lowering and less channel length modulation effect. Additionally, when the gate bias exceeds the flat-band voltage, a JL poly-Si NW-FET with gated raised S/D exhibits a low parasitic S/D resistance owing to the formation of an accumulation layer in its S/D, which is useful for multi-gate-oxide applications. However, the gated raised S/D shows a high gate-induced drain leakage current in the off state. Therefore, the gate electrode of the gated raised S/D must be designed carefully to prevent high off current.
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