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  • Fuzzy PID control algorithm based on PSO and application in BLDC motor

    Lin, Sen   Wang, Guanglong  

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    A heart rate measurement method and device (100) are disclosed. A heart rate detecting sensor (10) detects one biometric signal (e.g. PPG) of a user at a first time interval (S20). A fitness detecting sensor (20) detects a distance signal reflecting and corresponding to a degree of fitness between the heart rate measurement device (100) and skin of the user (S30). A processor (30) obtains a heart rate value based on the one biometric signal, determines whether the heart rate value is desirable based on the distance signal (S40). The heart rate value is kept if determined to be desirable (S50), or discarded if otherwise. Physiological information of the user can be collected to determine whether a body of the user is in a state of movement (S10), and if so, an action instruction can be sent to the heart rate measurement device (100) to adjust the degree of fitness between the device (100) and skin of the user.
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    Provided are a battery edge sealing structure and a battery edge sealing method. The battery edge sealing structure comprises a cell and a packaging film for packaging the cell. The packaging film forms a packaging edge around the cell, and the packaging edge has two side faces and an outer end face between the two side faces. The battery edge sealing structure also comprises two layers of insulation patches and the shape of each insulation patch corresponds to the shape of the packaging edge. Each insulation patch comprises: a planar part fixed onto a corresponding side face of the packaging edge; and a bent part bent on the outer end face of the packaging edge, wherein the end parts of the bent parts of the two insulation patches are fixedly connected. According to the battery edge sealing structure in the present invention, since the shape of the insulation patch corresponds to the shape of the packaging edge, the insulation patch can be applied to various types of cells and has a good applicability. At the same time, the insulation patch is prevented from having the problem of wrinkling, overlapping or corner raising, the appearance of the cell is improved and the quality of the battery sealing edge is improved.
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  • Study of Shaking Table Test on Seismic Performance of 750 kV Post Insulator

    Lin, Sen   Lu, Zhi Cheng   Zhu, Zhu Bing   Gao, Po   Li, Sheng  

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  • Electronic–Photonic Co-Optimization of High-Speed Silicon Photonic Transmitters

    Lin, Sen   Moazeni, Sajjad   Settaluri, Krishna T.   Stojanovic, Vladimir  

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    The present disclosure relates to the field of communications, and discloses a method and an apparatus for live broadcast of streaming media. The method includes: buffering, in real time, streaming media data during live broadcast of streaming media; interrupting the live broadcast when a broadcast insertion command is received, to perform broadcast insertion until the broadcast insertion ends, and determining, according to the broadcast insertion command, a start moment for playing the buffering; and playing the buffered streaming media data at a specified speed from the start moment, until a playback progress is synchronized with a real-time signal of the live broadcast, stopping playback of the buffered streaming media data, and resuming the live broadcast, the specified speed being higher than a live broadcast speed of the streaming media. The apparatus includes: a buffer module, a broadcast insertion module, and a variable- speed playback module. According to the present disclosure, after broadcast insertion, buffered streaming media data is rapidly played until synchronized with live broadcast, which not only ensures that no live broadcast information is lost, but also can resume the live broadcast as rapidly as possible, thereby reducing impact on the live broadcast, and improving user experience.
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    Devices and methods are provided for positioning based on image detection. For example, a first image of a target control widget is captured from a first interface associated with a program; one or more layout parameters of the target control widget are determined based on at least information associated with a layout of the first interface; a location area of the target control widget is determined in a second interface based on at least information associated with the second interface, the first interface, and the layout parameters of the target control widget; a second image of the target control widget is captured from the location area of the target control widget in the second interface; and whether the target control widget is positioned is detected based on at least information associated with the first image and the second image.
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  • Buckling-Induced Retraction of Structured Spherical Shell under Pressure

    Lin, Sen   Zhou, Shi Wei   Xie, Yi Min   Huang, Xiao Dong   Li, Qing  

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  • Pathways of Methanol Steam Reforming on PdZn and Comparison with Cu

    Lin, Sen   Xie, Daiqian   Guo, Hua  

    PdZn alloy has been shown to catalyze methanol steam reforming (MSR), producing hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide with high selectivity. Despite many studies, the mechanism for MSR on this catalyst is still not completely understood. In this work, several possible pathways of MSR are explored using a plane-wave density functional theory. The focus is placed on the reaction network starting from a facile reaction between adsorbed formaldehyde and hydroxyl species, produced from the decomposition of methanol and water, respectively. These pathways were found to have barriers lower than the rate-limiting step, namely, the dehydrogenation of methoxyl, and they involve species that have been detected in various experiments. Interestingly, the reaction pathways share many similarities with the MSR process on copper, which is the traditional catalyst for MSR.
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  • Buckling-induced retraction of spherical shells: A study on the shape of aperture

    Lin, Sen   Xie, Yi Min   Li, Qing   Huang, Xiaodong   Zhou, Shiwei  

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  • Photocatalytic microreactors based on nano TiO 2 -containing clay colloidosomes

    Lin, Sen   Sun, Shiyong   Shen, Kexuan   Tan, Daoyong   Zhang, Hongping   Dong, Faqin   Fu, Xiaoxin  

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  • Optimization of Rolling Schedule in Tandem Cold Mill Based on QPSO Algorithm

    Lin, Sen   Nan, Yu Rong  

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    A method and system for a coupler that receives power from a power source, and a waveguide connected to the coupler at a first end of the waveguide. A splitter is connected to a second end of the waveguide to receive the power traveling through the waveguide, and the splitter divides the power between a plurality of outputs creating divided power. A global phase shifter is connected to a first output of the plurality of outputs of the splitter, and the global phase shifter receives the divided power. An on-chip splitter is connected to the global phase shifter and further divides the divided power into sub-divided power. An on-chip phase shifter is connected to the on-chip splitter. An OPA is connected to the on-chip splitter. A phase monitor array is connected to the OPA, and a phase controller is connected to the phase monitor array.
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    A power transmitting device (PTU) is disclosed comprising: one or more coils; at least one memory; and at least one processor configured to execute instructions to: cause to send to a first device a first load measurement request at a first instance and a second load measurement request at a second instance; receive a first load measurement and a second load measurement; determine a first average measurement of the first load measurement and the second load measurement; cause to send to a second device a third load measurement request at a third instance and a fourth load measurement request at a fourth instance; receive a third load measurement and a fourth load measurement; determine a second average measurement of the third load measurement and the fourth load measurement; perform a load measurement of the one or more coils of the PTU; and determine a presence of one or more rogue devices based on a comparison of the load measurement and an aggregate of the first and second average measurement.
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    Provided is a safe-guard alarm method based on a smart bracelet, the smart bracelet comprising a bracelet and a movement, wherein the movement comprises a processor, a display screen, a buzzer and a three-axis acceleration sensor; and the method comprises the following steps: step 1, the three-axis acceleration sensor collecting data regarding three-axis acceleration of the smart bracelet; step 2, determining whether the bracelet enters an early-warning mode; step 3, determining whether the bracelet is moved; step 4, the processor controlling the buzzer to buzz, and sending early-warning information to a mobile phone end bound to the smart bracelet; and step 5, the mobile phone end deactivating the early warning, returning to step 2, and if the mobile phone end does not deactivate the early warning, the buzzer continuing to buzz.
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  • Study of G-quadruplexes in the STAT3 gene using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

    Lin, Sen   Long, Haitao   Zhou, Jiang   Yuan, Gu  

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