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    Disclosed are a fan blade with circumferential air output and a fan having same, the fan blade comprising an impeller spindle (300), and a first blade group (100) and a second blade group (200) and a separation plate (400) mounted on the impeller spindle (300). The first blade group (100) comprises a plurality of first blades (110) and the second blade group (200) comprises a plurality of second blades (210); the separation plate (400) is fixed to the impeller spindle (300), two sides of the separation plate (400) respectively face the first blade group (100) and the second blade group (200), and the separation plate (400) is located at an axial air output side of the first blade group (100) and the second blade group (200). With the provision of the separation plate (400), the fan blade with circumferential air output causes axially-flowing air to flow along a surface of the separation plate (400) under the action of the separation plate (400), thus realizing diverging and in-plane air output; meanwhile, the first blade group (100) and the second blade group (200) enable air to enter from both sides of the fan blade and to go out circumferentially from the fan blade, realizing a 360° blowing effect.
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  • A Fast Detection Algorithm for the X-Ray Pulsar Signal

    Liang, Hao   Zhan, Yafeng  

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  • An anatomy of state control in the globalization of state-owned enterprises

    Liang, Hao   Ren, Bing   Sun, Sunny Li  

    Integrating agency theory with institutional analysis in international business, we propose a state-control perspective to analyze government-control mechanisms in emerging economies' globalization of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). We identify two types of state control that influence SOEs' globalization decisions and the degree of globalization (DOG): state ownership control and executives' political connections, both of which are contingent upon the home country's evolving institutional environments. Using a two-step corporate globalization decision model and 17,272 firm year observations of non-financial, Chinese-listed companies, we find a strong impact of both types of state control on SOEs' globalization, although the impacts differ between the periods before and after domestic governance reform and across different globalization decision steps. The diminishing impact of executives' political connections and the increasing impact of state ownership control on firms' DOG demonstrate the evolving relationship between the state and the managers, as well as the dynamics of state control in globalizing SOEs.
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  • Fragmentation and stress diversification in diamond powder under high pressure

    Guan, Shixue   Peng, Fang   Liang, Hao   Fan, Cong   Tan, Lijie   Wang, Zhiwei   Zhang, Yuanfen   Zhang, Jiawei   Yu, Hong   He, Duanwei  

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    The present invention relates to an image quality detection method, device, server and storage medium. The image quality detection method comprises: after a car insurance claim server receives an insurance claim photograph uploaded by a user terminal, performing, by using a pre-trained generated deep convolutional neural network model, sharpness identification on the received insurance claim photograph to determine a sharpness level of the insurance claim photograph; and if the sharpness level of the insurance claim photograph is lower than a preset sharpness level, sending a first reminder message to the user terminal to remind the user to re-upload an insurance claim photograph. The present invention performs sharpness identification on an insurance claim photograph by using a pre-trained generated deep convolutional neural network model, and guarantees that all insurance claim photographs uploaded by users can be accurately analyzed to obtain information of a car accident scene, thereby increasing the operation efficiency of a self-service insurance claim system and improving user experience.
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    A floating type disc brake for a kilometer-deep well elevator. The floating type disc brake comprises a brake disc (3), a main disc body, an auxiliary disc body and a floating type structure. The main disc body comprises a mechanical brake unit and a state monitoring unit. The mechanical brake unit comprises a brake shoe B (6), a liner plate B (5), a pressing sleeve (4), a pressing plate (19), a screw (22), a brake cylinder barrel (10), a brake piston (21), a T-shaped piston (15), a disc spring assembly (11) and a cylinder cover (12). The state monitoring unit comprises a pressure sensor (17), a disc spring base sensor (13) and an eddy current sensor (30). The auxiliary disc body comprises a brake shoe A (2) and a liner plate A (1). The floating type structure comprises a sliding pin shaft (24), a spring (27) and a support (26). The brake can dynamically monitor a brake positive pressure and a gap between the brake shoes (6, 2) and the brake disc (3), the abrasion loss of the brake shoes (6, 2), and the fatigue break state of the disc spring assembly (11). Meanwhile, real-time automatic compensation for abrasion of the brake shoes (6, 2) and automatic alignment of the brake disc (3) can be achieved.
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  • Finance and Society: On the Foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Liang, Hao   Renneboog, Luc  

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  • Compressive Properties of Mg-3Al-2Zn-2Y Alloy at Different Strain Rates

    Liang, Hao   Tan, Yun   Zhang, Fang Ju   Zhang, Kai  

    The compressive properties of Mg-3Al-2Zn-2Y alloy at room temperature at strain rates in range of 0.001s(-1)similar to 4800s(-1) were investigated. To the alloy compressed at 1300s(-1), its basal and non-basal slip produce the mixed dislocation configuration including parallel, bended and tangled dislocation. There is significant twinning in the alloys compressed at 1800s(-1) and 4800s(-1). The flow stress and ultimate trength show the strain rate hardening behavior at the range of 0.001s(-1)similar to 1800s(-1). There appears localized deformation zones formed with recrystal grains and twin crystals in the alloy compressed at 4800s(-1), whose mechanical properties are lower than those of alloy compressed at 1800s(-1).
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  • Can biochar provide ammonium and nitrate to poor soils?: Soil column incubation

    Cao, Ting   Meng, Jun   Liang, Hao   Yang, Xu   Chen, Wenfu  

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    Disclosed is a method for tracking a moving object applied to man-machine interaction. The method comprises: collecting images, and determining an initial position of a target in a current frame image; conducing LK optical flow tracking on a target region in the current frame image to obtain a tracking result box; detecting the current frame image through a training classifier to obtain a detection result box; and calculating the credibility of the detection result, and determining a final position of the object and initial information used for conducting LK optical flow tracking on the next frame image according to the credibility. Also disclosed is a system for tracking a moving object applied to man-machine interaction. The present application can differentially use object detection methods under different conditions, and combine detection with tracking to realize the real-time highly-efficient tracking of a dynamic object. The present application is a universal method, which is suitable for various man-machine interaction scenarios, so that the real-time tracking of a moving object can be completed without using a wearable device and hardware costs can be reduced as well.
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  • Urban Energy System Planning and Chinese Low-Carbon Eco-City Case Study

    Liang, Hao   Long, Wei Ding   Keirstead, J.   Samsatli, N.   Shah, Nilay  

    An integrated urban energy system planning model named SynCity which could make overall considerations of architecture site selection and layout, energy demand prediction, energy technologies optimal selection and energy flow distribution is shown in this paper and demonstrates it in the case of Shanghai Lingang New City. By case study simulation it offers a promising low-carbon emission solution which is the combination of gas engine heat pump and building cooling, heating and power. The energy flow between different cells of the city is obtained at the same time.
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  • Designing a Biostable L-DNAzyme for Lead (II) Ion Detection in Practical Samples

    Liang, Hao   Xie, Sitao   Cui, Liang   Wu, Cuichen   Zhang, xiaobing  

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  • Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Seeded Growth of Nucleotide Coordinated Polymers

    Liang, Hao   Liu, Biwu   Yuan, Qipeng   Liu, Juewen  

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  • Judd-Ofelt Analysis of a Dendrtic Type Europium Complex/Silicone Rubber

    Liang, Hao   Xie, Fang  

    A dendritic type europium complex/silicone rubber has been prepared. According to the luminescence spectrum, the Judd-Ofelt theory was adopted to calculate the intensity parameters Ω2 and Ω4. The total radiative transition rate (640.1 s-1), radiative lifetime (1.562 ms) and the stimulated emission cross-sections (46.19×10-22 cm2) of the 5D0 exciting state have been evaluated. Analysis reveals that the europium (III) chelating polymer is promising for use in optical devices.
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  • A Neural Basis of Herd Behavior in Stock Market: An Experimental Design

    Liang, Hao  

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  • A note on unimodular congruence of the Laplacian matrix of a graph

    Liang, Hao   Pan, Yong-Liang   Wang, Jian   Xu, Jun-Ming  

    Let G be a simple connected graph and L(G) be its Laplacian matrix. In this note, we prove that L(G) is congruent by a unimodular matrix to its Smith normal form if and only if G is a tree.
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