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  • Limiting excitation energy in the reaction Si+Si

    K.A. Griffioen   R.J. Meijer   P.F. Box   P. Decowski   G.J. Van Nieuwenhuizen   R. Kamermans   H.W. Wilschut   A. Giorni   C. Morand   A. Demeyer   D. Guinet  

    The authors have measured energy and angular distributions of protons and alpha-particles in coincidence with evaporation residues for the reactions Si+Si at beam energies 12.4, 19.7, and 30.0 MeV/N. The reconstructed excitation energies of composite systems decaying into evaporation residues saturate near 3 MeV/N with increasing beam energy. This is consistent with a limiting excitation energy between 4 and 5 MeV/N above which sequential evaporation does not occur
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