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  • Observation of a Be double-Lambda hypernucleus in the J-PARC E07 experiment

    Ekawa, H   Agari, K   Ahn, J K   Akaishi, T   Akazawa, Y   Ashikaga, S   Bassalleck, B   Bleser, S   Endo, Y   Fujikawa, Y   Fujioka, N   Fujita, M   Goto, R   Han, Y   Hasegawa, S   Hashimoto, T   Hayakawa, S H   Hayakawa, T   Hayata, E   Hicks, K   Hirose, E   Hirose, M   Honda, R   Hoshino, K   Hoshino, S   Hosomi, K   Hwang, S H   Ichikawa, Y   Ichikawa, M   Ieiri, M   Imai, K   Inaba, K   Ishikawa, Y   Iskendir, A   Ito, H   Ito, K   Jung, W S   Kanatsuki, S   Kanauchi, H   Kasagi, A   Kawai, T   Kim, M H   Kim, S H   Kinbara, S   Kiuchi, R   Kobayashi, H   Kobayashi, K   Koike, T   Koshikawa, A   Lee, J Y   Lee, J W   Ma, T L   Matsumoto, S Y   Minakawa, M   Miwa, K   Moe, A T   Moon, T J   Moritsu, M   Nagase, Y   Nakada, Y   Nakagawa, M   Nakashima, D   Nakazawa, K   Nanamura, T   Naruki, M   Nyaw, A N L   Ogura, Y   Ohashi, M   Oue, K   Ozawa, S   Pochodzalla, J   Ryu, S Y   Sako, H   Sasaki, Y   Sato, S   Sato, Y   Schupp, F   Shirotori, K   Soe, M M   Soe, M K   Sohn, J Y   Sugimura, H   Suzuki, K N   Takahashi, H   Takahashi, T   Takahashi, Y   Takeda, T   Tamura, H   Tanida, K   Theint, A M M   Tint, K T   Toyama, Y   Ukai, M   Umezaki, E   Watabe, T   Watanabe, K   Yamamoto, T O   Yang, S B   Yoon, C S   Yoshida, J   Yoshimoto, M   Zhang, D H   Zhang, Z  

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  • New probe to Ml strengths in GDR region for supernova neutrino interactions

    Hayakawa, T   Miyamoto, S   Mochizuki, T   Horikawa, K   Amano, S   Imazaki, K   Li, D   Izawa, Y   Chiba, S   Ogata, K  

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  • Genetic Basis of Human Brain EvolutionAccelerating along the Primate Speedway


    Using novel variations of traditional methods, Dorus et al. report in the December 29(th) issue of Cell that diverse genes involved in neural biology (particularly those critical in development) show higher rates of protein evolution in primates than in rodents-particularly in the lineage leading to humans.
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  • Combinatorial synthesis of pi-conjugated polymer thin films for functional material research

    Hashimoto, T   Muramatsu, Y   Hayakawa, T   Fukumoto, H   Yamamoto, T   Koinuma, H  

    Vacuum evaporation (VE) and pulsed laser deposition (PLD) were examined as film preparation methods for pi-conjugated polymers with photoluminescent property. A variety of pi-conjugated polymer films were deposited under various conditions within a single experiment by using combinatorial mask technology for optimization of preparation conditions, e. g. evaporation temperature of VE and laser power density of PLD. Significant difference was observed in the structure and photoluminescence of the films depending on the preparation methods. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) revealed that the surface of poly(p-phenylene) (PPP) films prepared by PLD was smoother than these prepared by vacuum evaporation. Photoluminescence was observed in the films prepared by VE of poly(p-phenylene) (PPP), poly(pyridine-2, 5-diyl) (PPy), poly(thiophene-2, 5-diyl) (PTh), and poly(diphenylene biphenylene vinylene) (PPh2BPV). The pi-conjugated polymers except PTh were also pulsed laser ablated into thin films. Photoluminescence was observed in PPP film deposited with low power density of KrF excimer laser, whereas it was scarcely observed in the other pi-conjugated films prepared by PLD. PPP prepared by PLD exhibited photoluminescence with a lower intensity and shorter wavelength than that prepared by VE. Several kinds of poly(p-phenylene-co-m-phenylene) were prepared by combinatorial copolycondensation of 1, 3-dibromobenzen and 1, 4-dibromobenzen and converted into thin films with various p-phenylene (PP)lm-phenylene (MP) unit ratios by vacuum evaporation using combinatorial mask technology. The polymer film composed of 50% PP and 50% MP units showed a photoluminescent intensity similar to 6 times higher than the sum of photoluminescence of pure PPP and pure PMP films.
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  • Grouping of batches for medium-term production planning of multipurpose batch plants

    Fuchino, T   Muraki, M   Hayakawa, T  

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  • Intraductal ultrasonography for the examination of duodenal papillary region.

    Itoh, A   Tsukamoto, Y   Naitoh, Y   Hirooka, Y   Furukawa, T   Kato, T   Kuroiwa, M   Hayakawa, T  

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  • Interleukin-6 is a useful marker for early prediction of the severity of acute pancreatitis.

    Inagaki, T   Hoshino, M   Hayakawa, T   Ohara, H   Yamada, T   Yamada, H   Iida, M   Nakazawa, T   Ogasawara, T   Uchida, A   Hasegawa, C   Miyaji, M   Takeuchi, T  

    Twelve patients with acute pancreatitis admitted to our department between January 1993 and December 1994 were studied prospectively and classified into two groups (severe group, five patients; mild group, seven patients), according to the criteria for grading severity of acute pancreatitis proposed by the Research Committee for Intractable Diseases of the Pancreas, Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (1990). To evaluate markers for early estimation of the severity of acute pancreatitis, we measured serum changes in various parameters. In the severe group interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels were increased significantly 5, 24, 72, and 120 h after the onset (p < 0.01), compared with the mild group. C-reactive protein (CRP), thrombin antithrombin III, and alpha 2-plasmin inhibitor plasmin complex levels were significantly increased only at the 72-h time point. Peak values of interleukin-8 (IL-8) and soluble human E selectin were observed at 5 and 72 h, respectively, after the onset. There was a significant correlation between IL-6 at 5 h and both pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor (r = 0.85) and CRP (r = 0.94) at 72 h. We therefore conclude that IL-6 is a useful marker for assessment of the severity of acute pancreatitis in its early stages.
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  • Usefulness of intraductal ultrasonography in gallbladder disease.

    Watanabe, Y   Goto, H   Naitoh, Y   Hirooka, Y   Itoh, A   Taki, T   Hayakawa, S   Hayakawa, T  

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  • Diagnosis of mucin-producing tumor of the pancreas with an intraductal ultrasonographic system

    Taki, T   Goto, H   Naitoh, Y   Hirooka, Y   Furukawa, T   Hayakawa, T  

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  • Linear and nonlinear optical properties of monodispersed gold clusters in silica glass by sol-gel method

    Hayakawa, T   Ono, Y   Nogami, M  

    Recently, we've successfully incorporated gold nanoclusters into silica (SiO2) matrix by a sol-gel technique, where the synthesis of gold clusters was conducted in presence of poly(N-vinyl 2-pyrrolidone) (PVP). In this paper, we report linear and nonlinear optical properties of the polymer-blocked gold clusters in silica matrix. The Au/SiO2 glass were characterized by transverse electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray Diffraction (XRD), and Mie-Drude analysis of linear absorption spectra. The hydrophilic polymer, exhibiting the strong metal-polymer interaction which stemmed from the lone pair from the nitrogen with the metal particles, prohibited the flocculation and growth of gold clusters in gel-glass transition. The degenerate four-wave mixing (DFWM) experiment was performed to obtain the nonlinear susceptibility chi((3)), which was evaluated to be 1.7 x 10(-9) esu, in consistent with a theoretical value expected from hot electron contribution.
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  • Proceedings of the Japan Pancreas Society, 1995

    Hayakawa, T  

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  • Enhanced effect of reserpine upon growth-inhibitory action of ACNU on ACNU-resistant C6 glioma.

    Yoshida, T   Shimizu, K   Ushio, Y   Hayakawa, T   Mogami, H   Sakamoto, Y  

    Reserpine was found to enhance the cytotoxicity of ACNU on ACNU-resistant C6 glioma (C6/ACNU) cells in vitro. When reserpine was added along with ACNU to the C6/ACNU cells in vitro. When reserpine was added along with ACNU to the C6/ACNU culture in vitro at a concentration of 10 microM, the IC50 of ACNU for C6/ACNU cells decreased to the level of that for C6 cells and ACNU resistance was completely overcome in vitro. Furthermore, intracellular uptake of ACNU increased in both sensitive (C6) and resistant (C6/ACNU) glioma cells when 20 microM reserpine was added to the culture medium. Reserpine (20 microM) enhanced the cellular level of ACNU in C6 cells 1.5-fold and enhanced the level of ACNU in C6/ACNU cells 4-fold. The amount of ACNU incorporated into C6/ACNU cells reached the same level as that incorporated into C6 cells. The enhanced cytotoxicity of ACNU in vitro could be explained by the effective intracellular accumulation of ACNU resulting from the increase of intracellular uptake of ACNU in C6/ACNU cells by reserpine.
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  • Multivariate statistical analysis. In honor of Professor Minoru Siotano on his 70th birthday - Hayakawa,T, Aosima,M, Shimizu,K, Taneja,VS

    Leake, C  

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  • Modern Multivariate Statistical Analysis: A Graduate Course and M. Siotani; T. Hayakawa; Y. Fujikoshi

    Review by: Steven J. Schwager  

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  • Modern Multivariate Statistical Analysis: A Graduate Course and M. Siotani; T. Hayakawa; Y. Fujikoshi

    Review by: A. W. Kemp  

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