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  • LaBr/sub 3/:Pr/sup 3+/ - a New Red-Emitting Scintillator

    Glodo, J.   Farrell, R.   van Loef, E.V.   Higgins, W.M.   Shah, K.S.  

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  • TI2LiYCI6: Large Diameter, High Performing Dual Mode Scintillator

    Hawrami, R.   Ariesanti, E.   Wei, H.   Finkelstein, J.   Glodo, J.   Shah, K.  

    Tl2LiYCl6:Ce (TLYC) is a recently discovered dual mode gamma-ray and neutron scintillator. So far small crystals of this composition have been studied, but for, practical applications with affordable price, large-scale crystals are required. In this work, we present successful efforts to grow crack-free single crystals with sizes up to emptyset1" X 5.5". A variety of experimental techniques were employed to investigate the scintillation properties. A emptyset1" X 1.2" TLYC cylinder has a light yield of 25,000 ph/MeV, and its energy resolution is better than 4% at 662 keV. The gamma equivalent energy (GEE) produced by thermal neutron is 1.89 MeVee, along with a neutron induced light yield of 47,000 ph/n. Pulse shape discrimination (PSD) between gamma-rays and neutrons has been successfully shown with a current Figure-of-Merit (FOM) of 2.4. This article explores the crystal growth, scintillation properties, and potential applications of TLYC.
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  • Tl2LaCl5: Ce, high performance scintillator for gamma-ray detectors

    Hawrami, R.   Ariesanti, E.   Wei, H.   Finkelstein, J.   Glodo, J.   Shah, K. S.  

    This paper reports on a new Ce-doped Tl-based scintillator, Tl2LaCl5 (TLC), for gamma-ray detection. 10 mm diameter crystals have been successfully grown using the vertical Bridgman method. The emission peak of TLC is detected at 383 nm under X-ray excitation. The light yield of TLC is 76,000 ph/MeV. The samples show excellent energy resolution of 3.4% (FWHM) at 662 keV. The non-proportionality is less than 1%, from 32 keV to 1275 keV. The major scintillation decay time is 36 ns. (C) 2017 Elsevier B. V. All rights reserved.
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  • Tl2LiYCl6:Ce: A New Elpasolite Scintillator

    Hawrami, R.   Ariesanti, E.   Soundara-Pandian, L.   Glodo, J.   Shah, K. S.  

    Tl2LiYCl6:Ce (TLYC), a new cerium doped-thallium based, dual mode gamma and neutron elpasolite scintillation crystal, has been grown and evaluated at RMD. Energy resolution of 4.2% at 662 keV (FWHM) is measured for samples of this material. From comparison with a Cs-137 spectrum collected with NaI:Tl, a gamma-ray induced light yield of 26,000 ph/MeV is estimated for TLYC. The material also shows better proportionality of response than both LaBr3:Ce and NaI: Tl in the energy range between 32 keV to 1275 keV. Single thermal neutron interactions produce a peak measured at a gamma equivalent energy of 1.9 MeVee, corresponding to a (neutron induced) light yield of approximately 47,000 ph/n. Decay times obtained from gamma-ray interactions in TLYC are measured at about 57 ns, 431 ns, and 1055 ns, with slightly shorter values measured for neutron interactions. These differences allow for gamma-neutron pulse shape discrimination (PSD) and a PSD Figure-of-Merit (FOM) of 2 is measured with TLYC.
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  • Effects of Ce Concentration on Scintillation Properties of LaBr/sub 3/:Ce

    Glodo, J.   Moses, W.W.   Higgins, W.M.   van Loef, E.V.D.   Wong, P.   Derenzo, S.E.   Weber, M.J.   Shah, K.S.  

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  • A New Ceramic Scintillator for Neutron Detection: CaF/sub 2/:Eu/sup 2+///sup 6/LiF

    Glodo, J.   Lingertat, H.   Brecher, C.   Shah, K.S.   Lempicki, A.  

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  • Bridgman bulk growth and scintillation measurements of SrI2:Eu2+

    Hawrami, R.   Glodo, J.   Shah, K. S.   Cherepy, N.   Payne, S.   Burger, A.   Boatner, L.  

    Large diameter Bridgman growth of europium activated strontium iodide SrI2:Eu2+ produces crystals with light yield of up to 115,000 ph/MeV with an excellent light yield proportionality. SrI2:Eu2+ exhibits an outstanding energy resolution of better than 3% FWHM at 662 keV. Its emission is centered at 435 nm. The scintillation decays with a 1 mu s time constant for small samples and up to 5 mu s to larger crystals. This paper presents successful progress made in the vertical Bridgman crystal growth of SrI2:Eu2+ and its scintillator properties. Large diameter, crack-free and transparent SrI2:Eu(2+)single crystals with diameters of 1 in., 1.3 in., 1.5 in. and 2 in. were all successfully grown. (c) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • ${rm Lu}_{2}{rm SiO}_{5}:{rm Ce}$ Optical Ceramic Scintillator for PET

    Shah, K. S.   Higgins, W. M.   Baldoni, G.   Lempicki, A.   Nguyen, L.   Brecher, C.   Glodo, J.   Rhodes, W. H.   van Loef, E.   Wang, Y.  

    Phase-pure transparent LSO ceramic was obtained, with its scintillation properties rivaling those of single crystalline LSO. The transparent LSO ceramic was prepared by a nano-technology approach. The densities of the LSO ceramic increased with increasing sintering temperature. Further SEM examination confirmed the decrease of the porosity during densification of the ceramic. Pores were segregated at grain boundaries after sintering. Hot isostatic pressing (HIPing) was employed to further densify the ceramic and eliminate porosity after sintering. Transparent polycrystalline LSO ceramics were obtained after the final HIP. XRD examination confirms single monoclinic LSO phase. A light output as high as 30,100 ph/MeV was obtained using a ${}^{22}{rm Na}$ excitation source. LSO ceramic showed an energy resolution of 15%(FWHM) at 662 keV (${}^{137}{rm Cs}$ source) and a fast scintillation decay of 40 ns due to the $5{rm d} ura{} 4{rm f}$ transition of ${rm Ce}^{3+}$. The excellent scintillation and optical properties make LSO ceramic a promising candidate for future gamma-ray spectroscopy as well as medical imaging applications.
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  • Intrinsic scintillators: TlMgCl3 and TlCaI3

    Hawrami, R.   Ariesanti, E.   Wei, H.   Finkelstein, J.   Glodo, J.   Shah, K. S.  

    Two intrinsic scintillators TlMgCl3 and TlCaI3 with excellent energy resolution and fast scintillation decay are presented. Crack-free transparent crystals were successfully grown by the Bridgman method. The scintillation light yields of TlMgCl3 and TlCaI3 are approximately 30,600 ph/MeV and 42,200 ph/MeV, respectively. Their energy resolutions at 662 keV are 3.7% for TlMgCl3 and 6.2% for TlCaI3. The scintillation decay times of TlMgCl3 are 46 ns, 166 ns, and 449 ns. The scintillation decay times of TlCaI3 are 62 ns, 200 ns, and 1.44 mu s. Under X-ray irradiation, the emission of TlMgCl3 is between 300 nm and 540 nm with the peak at 409 nm. TlCaI3 has a broad emission band between 300 nm and 750 nm. Due to their excellent scintillation properties, these two scintillators can be developed for gamma-ray detection. Additionally, TlMgCl3 is non-hygroscopic. (C) 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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