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    Double-channel processing method and apparatus for a picture-outside-picture (POP) or picture-in-picture (PIP) type television receiver. In the updating time period, the present broadcasting program signal is displayed on the secondary channel region continuously as a moving picture, and at the beginning of the next time period, the last frame of the present broadcasting program signal is displayed on the secondary channel region as a still picture, and the secondary channel is tuned to next channel so that the tuned present broadcasting program signal is displayed on the next secondary channel region as a moving picture. Once receiving user's channel selection, it stops picture updating of secondary channel region and superimposes markers of the broadcasting program signal onto the secondary channel regions respectively. When user selects a marker of the broadcasting program signal in the secondary channel region, the main channel region will be switched to display the broadcasting program signal corresponding to the selected channnel. It is convenient for users to browse all the broadcasting programs. For the POP or PIP type television receiver, user only need double keystrokes to switch the main channel to the desired television channel.
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  • Mechanism and calculation of surface discontinuous deformation (in Chinese) : Dai Huayang, Journal — China Coal Society, 20(6), 1995, pp 614–618

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  • Effects and Correction of Atmospheric Pressure Loading Deformation on GNSS Reference Stations in Mainland China

    Yue, Caiya   Dang, Yamin   Xu, Changhui   Gu, Shouzhou   Dai, Huayang  

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  • Modeling maize above-ground biomass based on machine learning approaches using UAV remote-sensing data

    Han, Liang   Yang, Guijun   Dai, Huayang   Xu, Bo   Yang, Hao   Feng, Haikuan   Li, Zhenhai   Yang, Xiaodong  

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  • Crustal deformation characteristics of Sichuan-Yunnan region in China on the constraint of multi-periods of GPS velocity fields

    Yue, Caiya   Dang, Yamin   Dai, Huayang   Yang, Qiang   Wang, Xiankai  

    In order to obtain deformation parameters in each block of Sichuan-Yunnan Region (SYG) in China by stages and establish a dynamic model about the variation of the strain rate fields and the surface expansion in this area, we taken the Global Positioning System (GPS) sites velocity in the region as constrained condition and taken advantage of the block strain calculation model based on spherical surface. We also analyzed the deformation of the active blocks in the whole SYG before and after the Wenchuan earthquake, and analyzed the deformation of active blocks near the epicenter of the Wenchuan earthquake in detail. The results show that, (1) Under the effects of the carving from India plate and the crimping from the potential energy of Tibetan Plateau for a long time, there is a certain periodicity in crustal deformation in SYG. And the period change and the earthquake occurrence have a good agreement. (2) The differences in GPS velocity fields relative Eurasian reference frame shows that the Wenchuan earthquake and the Ya'an earthquake mainly affect the crustal movement in the central and southern part of SYG, and the average velocity difference is about 4-8 mm/a for the Wenchuan earthquake and 2-4 mm/a for the Ya'an earthquake. (3) For the Wenchuan earthquake, the average strain changed from 10 to 20 nanostrian/a before earthquake to 40-50 nanostrian/a after the earthquake, but before and after the Ya'an earthquake, the strain value increased from about 15 nanostrian/a to about 30 nanostrian/a. (4) The Wenchuan earthquake has changed the strain parameter of each active block more or less. Especially, the Longman block and Chengdu block near the epicenter. The research provides fundamental material for the study of the dynamic mechanism of the push extrusion from the north-east of the India plate and the crimp from Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and it also provides support for the study of crustal stress variation and earthquake prediction in Sichuan Yunnan region. (C) 2018 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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  • Surface crack and sand inrush disaster induced by high-strength mining:example from the Shendong coal field,China

    Yan, Weitao   Dai, Huayang   Chen, Junjie  

    Sand inrush disaster and ground destruction induced by high-strength mining in the Shendong coal field seriously threaten the normal operation of the mine and cause significant property losses and environmental disruption. The physical simulation experiment demonstrate that the roof of high-strength mining working face can be regarded as a "step beam" structure and broken by sliding instability. The vertical damage state of overlying strata is summarized into three types: slightly, severely and very severely damage. On the basis of in situ data of the working face with the mining height greater than 3 m, the prediction formulas of the caved and fractured zone heights are given. The vertical damage types of working faces 22407 and 22402 are analyzed. Owing to the sliding instability of the roof and the thin bedrock, the surface stepped crack has become widely distributed above the high-strength mining working face. The sand inrush of working face 22402 can be interpreted by the very severely damaged of overburden and the thick aeolian sand aquifer. This work can be used to improve the understanding of mining-induced disaster and establish a disaster prediction model.
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  • Assessment of a house affected by ground movement using terrestrial laser scanning and numerical modeling

    Lian, Xugang   Dai, Huayang   Ge, Linlin   Cai, Yinfei  

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