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  • Crystal defects of Li2MoO4 scintillators grown by Bridgman method

    Chen Peng   Wei Ran   Jiang Linwen   Yang Shanshan   Chen Yaping   Wang Zhenhai   Yu Haohai   Chen Hongbing  

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  • Neutrino predictions from generalized CP symmetries of charged leptons

    Chen Peng   Chuliá Salvador Centelles   Ding Gui-Jun   Srivastava Rahul   Valle José W. F.  

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  • Paper-based Vertical Flow Immunoassay (VFI) for detection of bio-threat pathogens

    Chen Peng   Gates-Hollingsworth Marcellene   Pandit Sujata   Park Anson   Montgomery Douglas   AuCoin David   Gu Jian   Zenhausern Frederic  

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  • Some progress in sexual reproduction and sex determination of economic algae

    Chen Peng  

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  • Output Feedback Control of Discrete-Time Systems in Networked Environments

    Chen Peng   Yu-Chu Tian   Dong Yue  

    This correspondence paper addresses the problem of output feedback stabilization of control systems in networked environments with quality-of-service (QoS) constraints. The problem is investigated in discrete-time state space using Lyapunov's stability theory and the linear inequality matrix technique. A new discrete-time modeling approach is developed to describe a networked control system (NCS) with parameter uncertainties and nonideal network QoS. It integrates a network-induced delay, packet dropout, and other network behaviors into a unified framework. With this modeling, an improved stability condition, which is dependent on the lower and upper bounds of the equivalent network-induced delay, is established for the NCS with norm-bounded parameter uncertainties. It is further extended for the output feedback stabilization of the NCS with nonideal QoS. Numerical examples are given to demonstrate the main results of the theoretical development.
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  • Communication research methods - by Guoming Chen, Wenzheng Peng, Yinjiao Ye, and Ran An

    Peng Wu and Jieyun Feng  

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  • Communication research methods - by Guoming Chen, Wenzheng Peng, Yinjiao Ye, and Ran An

    Wu, Peng   Feng, Jieyun  

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  • Influence of multi-look processing to SAR ship detection

    Yang Jingsong   Wang Juan   Xiao Qingmei   Chen Peng   Huang Weigen  

    Single look complex data collected by SIR-C SAR are used to generate images of different looks by multi-look processing. The equivalent number of looks (ENL), spatial resolution, and ship-sea contrast of these images are analyzed. It shows that on the one hand, multi-look processing increases ENL hence improves image quality which is good for ship detection; on the other hand, multi-look processing also decreases spatial resolution and ship-sea contrast which goes ill with ship detection. Two typical ship detection algorithms such as adaptive threshold algorithm (ATA) and K-distribution based algorithm (KBA) are used to detect ship targets from these multi-look processed images. Case studies show that the figures of merit (FOMs) for 3-look processed images using ATA algorithm and FOMs for 2-look processed images using KBA algorithm are relatively larger. This means the most appropriate choice of multi-look processing of SAR images for ship detection is 2 or 3-look processing.
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  • Quantitative description and simulation of human behavior in residential buildings

    Chen Peng   Da Yan   Ruhong Wu   Chuang Wang   Xin Zhou   Yi Jiang  

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    The present invention addresses the problem of constructing a culture substrate capable of accelerating differentiation induction of stem cells. The present invention also addresses the problem of constructing a culture substrate capable of accelerating differentiation induction in all of the differentiation directions in which stem cells have been determined. The present invention pertains to: a culture substrate which has a nanometer-order periodic protrusion structure on the surface thereof and which cultures stem cells on said surface; and a method for producing the culture substrate.
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  • Delay-dependent robust control for uncertain systems with time-varying delay

    Chen Peng   Yu-Chu Tian  

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  • Apparatus and method of generating optical tweezers with momentum

    An apparatus of generating optical tweezers with momentum is provided for providing optical tweezers with a first momentum on a test piece. The apparatus comprises a laser source, a diffractive optical element (DOE) and a lens. The laser source is for outputting a laser beam. The DOE has a first phase-delay picture, and the laser beam forms a diffraction pattern after passing the first phase-delay picture. The lens is for receiving and focusing the diffraction pattern on the test piece to form the first optical tweezers with the first momentum. The lens has an optical axis intersecting the DOE at an optical intersection point, a geometric center of the phase-delay picture has a displacement vector relative to the optical intersection point and a direction of the first momentum is related to a direction of the displacement vector.
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  • Sampled-data robust control for T–S fuzzy systems with time delay and uncertainties

    Chen Peng   Qing-Long Han   Dong Yue   Engang Tian  

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    The present invention relates to an illuminating device (10), characterized in that comprising : a plurality of first LED chips (1.1) covered by first phosphor layers (5), a plurality of second LED chips (1.2) covered by second phosphor layers (6), and a circuit board (2) for supporting the first and second LED chips (1.1, 1.2), the first and second LED chips (1.1, 1.2) are tunable in brightness, and the first phosphor layers (5) and the second phosphor layers (6) are alternately arranged. By using this illuminating device, a fixed light distribution pattern can be obtained during CCT adjustment, and no light ring will appear. In addition, the present invention also provides a luminaire having the illuminating device.
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    The present invention relates to a heat pipe (10) comprising a tube body (1), a capillary structure (2) provided on an inner wall of the tube body (1), and a cooling liquid, characterized in that, the tube body (1) and the capillary structure (2) are made of thermal conductive plastic. The heat pipe has high design flexibility, is simple to manufacture, is low in cost, has superior heat dissipation performance, and has superior continuous capillary structure and electrical insulation. In addition, the present invention further proposes a process for manufacturing the heat pipe.
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  • Pressure sensitive electrochromic device and method of fabricating the same

    A pressure sensitive electrochromic device at least comprises a first substrate and a second substrate disposed opposite; a pressure sensitive layer disposed on the first substrate; an electrochromic layer disposed on the pressure sensitive layer; and a third conductive layer disposed between the electrochromic layer and the second substrate. The pressure sensitive layer includes a first conductive layer disposed on the first substrate; an insulative layer in which numerous conductive grains are distributed; and a second conductive layer disposed on the insulative layer. Also, at least one of the first and second substrates is made of the flexible material. An external circuit is applied for connecting the first and third conductive layers.
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